cats for adoption

Could you give one of our cats a home?

These are not the only cats we have looking for homes, please ring us on 01303 862622 if you are looking for a cat.

8 years old and looking for a quiet home following the death of his owner.
Inky & Kitt:
4-month old kittens, full of mischief and full, looking for a home together.

Approximately 13 years old, here due to the death of her previous owner.  She needs a nice quiet home, perhaps with a retired person.

Hendrick was a street cat who was being fed by several people and came into our vets clinic after being hit by a car.  He has now recovered and needs a nice country home.
3 new arrivals. a little shy, looking for loving homes.

A middle -aged lap cat who needs a nice home where someone will be around most of the day.
Cats should be kept in at night and provided with a litter tray.
More cats are run over at night than during daylight hours.
All cats are micro-chipped before leaving the sanctuary and this is highly recommended for all cat owners.
If your cat goes missing, it helps aid it's safe return and avoids the risk of it being put to sleep as a stray.
To adopt a cat, call The Lord Whisky Sanctuary Fund on 01303 862622 today
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